Battle bugs help

Today I noticed 2 major bugs in battle. First, I lost a battle where I had 2 wins and my opponent had none. It was so frustrating because someone named yuu got his first win of the battle and the screen immediately went to the “oppenent wins” and I was forced back to my main screen. I list trophies because of it. Then on my next battle, I won and received a yellow 8hr incubator but when I went to activate it, it was only a blue 3hr. Again, so frustrating. I can’t imagine I’m doing something wrong but any help would be appreciated.

Yuu does that often.

Hey Pamela_Vodrazka, I’m sorry that happened with the battle you were in. There are some troubleshooting steps here that may help with this: Lost a battle I was winning

Regarding your Incubator, could you reach out to our support team here at with your support key, along with the date and time of when you received the Incubator so our team could take a closer look? Thanks!