Battle bugs /unfair battles

Ever scince the big update the battles seem alot more unfair for instance my stegoceratops at level 17 battles another at same level and there one stuns without fail every time and mine never does.

Also the other team always brings out two of the same dino such as indominus how is that even possible?!

Their seems to be a pattern to the battles also I’ve kept note ill win 2 lose 5 then win 2 lose 5…

Pretty suspicious really ludia when are you going to fix these bugs? And only then should you concentrate on updating the game with new things…

Have experienced the same thing myself every time with any dino that stuns but I have Also battled many times where mine have been several levels higher and mine don’t stun and they get 2 or 3 stuns in a row. Also have not once with same dino, same level have I got to start first, just saying! I hear ya cos it’s awfully frustrating. Occasionally I would like to start first or have mine stun more.
Let’s hope they even the playing field. . I .

They didn’t