Battle Cheaters! Really annoyed!


So today I finally g

et to arena two and encounter a cheater!! Soon as he/she realised they were learning and was their turn they would not do anything literally nothing for 20mins until I ended up having to close out only to then come up the opponent won (by way of forfeit) I’m really annoyed!!! :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


It sounds like a connection problem more than a cheat, it happens sometimes but not because the opponent cheats. If he just didn’t choose action, the game would have chosen for him the basic attack when the timer got to 0. It’s unlikely your opponent caused those 20 minutes wait, more likely a connection error and there’s not much you can do about it, just take the loss. It’s happened to me several times and it’s annoying as hell.


It isn’t something that can be controlled by anyone on a device. That’s a frozen connection, and has more to do with either your wifi, data, or phone. You may have also hit a null signal spot (such as can often happen underground, or even in broad daylight at odd intervals.

If you find that the turn takes longer than 15 seconds, which is the allotted time for a decision on a round’s move, you can try force-quitting and restarting it in the hopes of taking over again as you reboot it. The match should still be in progress. Giving it 20 minutes is… generously patient, I’d say!


Yea that’s not cheating. You had an internet connection problem that caused you to lose. If your opponent chooses nothing the timer goes down and the game chooses for them. It will never stand idle for 20 minutes lol