Battle cheaters

I’ve been fighting battles every day and I’ve encountered more than once this week when my dino is faster then the other it seems the opponent gets 2 to 3 turns before I get my one in. Is anyone else experiencing this? Any input would be great. I thought Lydia weeded out the cheaters?


It glich bro.

I mean its not just one person it’s like very far and few and it’s like they use some sort of cheating software like in level 8 and I have some nice dinosaurs and I’ve seen people with way way lower levels that have legendary dinos how is that even possible?

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I know. It happen to me too. May be everyone who batlle in arena has same experience with us.

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are u looking at the speed marker indicator above the dino? if that, yes… the speed indicator certain scenario are error and cannot be depend on i notice, after the update.

but the gameplay wise so far i have no prob. meaning the speed happen as what it is use to be & not follow what the wrong indicator stated


Nah, thanx for explanation. My english bad

Yea I have looked at the speed market and when I throw a faster dino in they still have priority even though the dino they are using doesn’t have any priority attacks. Its crazy and I spend money on this game and there are people with way lower levels than me and they have all these dinos I don’t have and I am a very avid player I hunt all day everyday but yet they have dinos with way higher levels than mine something is up with that and I still believe if were in a battle they should be of the same arena rank not from a higher arena. That’s the whole point of fighting to move up. Am I wrong?

I have had that happen also, no Superior strike, instant charge or stun landed. They just throw a couple attacks and I can do nothing. Frustrating but I take it in stride as a glitch. Never seems to happen for me though.

I don’t think any dinos have a 1-turn cooldown on insta-cripple or insta-invulnerability, yet I kept getting hit by people all day yesterday who were spamming these abilities like crazy.

Had a battle just now.

Begin battle, first two in the Arena: they put out level 18 Postosuchus, I put out level 21 Postimetrodon. They go first: speed 126 vs 124. I chose Ferocious Strike, they used Ferocious Impact. They got off a Ferocious Impact and a Defense Shattering Strike before my attack went off, killed me. So they got two attacks before I got my first one off.

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I told you I think we need to contact ludia because there are obvious cheaters I have this happen all day and I’m almost level 9 with great dinos and my score is 2145 on arena 5 complete bullcrap! I hate cheaters and I play EVERYDAY

If I had to guess, I’d say that Ludia never thought of the possibility there would be cheaters who have alt accounts already set up. They get banned, shunted over to the cheater server, but their alt accounts remain here. That’s how they can do this.

There is no reason for the server to accept two moves. It might be cheating packet edits and patched clients. But it would definitely require poor server code on Ludias end. Bugs might just be determining who wins after players did nothing wrong.

Needs reporting at the time and hope Ludia investigate.

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I’m currently level 12, and I was almost to Sorna when the floodgates opened. I’m standing waist-deep in a rushing tide of the unlucky. These people usually have their tournament dinos in their roster (mega-death hybrids), and I have to lose 7 in a row before I get a single incub?

This is one of the reasons I hate tournaments. The overcompetitive players are trying to turn this game into a constant Fortnite-style bloodbath.

I agree it sucks. It seems like after the update this all started happening. I’m just gobna keep on playing and hopefully get out of the badlands

It happened in the last tournament as well, except back then, the arenas were crawling with cheaters.

The arenas will always have cheaters.

Doesn’t take long to level up a team with a bot account. You don’t even need to do anything with it, really…let it run and do its thing.

Ban wave? NBD, pull up the next account that didn’t get hit.

Rinse, repeat.

There’s a whole world and support system out there for cheating JWA, despite what some want to believe or want to ignore.

You’re preaching to the choir, man. Tell us something we didn’t already hear about a bazillion times last tournament. Explaining what the problem is is fine, but there’s no need to repeat it ad nauseam. We already know there will be cheaters slipping through the cracks. The question is: what to do about it.

Believe it or not, there are those here who deny there’s a way to cheat the game.

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I believe it. I used to see it all the time last tournament whenever the subject was brought up. Usually the ones who deny the hardest are themselves cheaters, and trying to cover their arses.