Battle cheaters

I’ve been in sona marshes for probably a couple of months now and I don’t think I’ve ever come across a cheater if I’ve lost games usually it’s cos I’ve made a stupid mistake or they’re dinos are just better maybe in the higher arenas they exist but I don’t think I’ve ever come across 1


Some dinos, like Allosinosaurus, Utahsinoraptor, Paramoloch, etc., have priority moves, which means that by using them they will get two consecutive hits, if your dino is slower…

sometimes it’s a glitch, sometimes it’s that some of the new updates made some attacks priority…like the major stun for the stiggy

So new update this one is funny! I was in a battle this am and I had my t rex out there and on the other side was a raptor. He pounced me and left me with 66 health I rampaged and it said critical the raptor had 100 health and didn’t lose one point and then he killed me ending the battle. What the heck can we do

It is all because of bad battle mechanics. Nothing else just that the battle mechanics are bad.

  1. Without saying more it just looks like you don’t know how effects are applied.
  2. It’s OK to not know how it works but calling out people as cheaters… You’d better ask if it’s possible first and after draw a conclusion…

I actually do know how affects are applied for 1. 2 a pounce reduces 50% of opponents attack when you use a rampage even with a t rex its gonna kill the animal with the amount of health left. 3 when I look at previous opponents the dinos they have on there team don’t match to what I fought. Are you a cheater yourself? Why make a rude comment instead of helping me? You must be getting offended for some reason. I play this game all day and I study everything from opponents to dinos to affects and I use that to determine my team or what dino to use. Thanks for the comment hope you have a wonderful day and good hunting

Then don’t post in battle cheater or provide proof : post his team that we can checkup it’s possible. If you don’t have their team just provide list of Dino you have battled and in what order.
I’m just tired of people calling other cheaters without proof just for no reason.
Asking me if I’m a cheater is just another proofless assumption…

For your information you can make a Dino dealing 0 damage without using a shield. Do you only know that?

Wish you a wonderful day too

Listen man I’m not here to raise arguments or start fights we are here as a community of you would like their name and team I can provide that all I’m saying is you know the damage of a t rex bit especially in rampage and even if my attack is 50% weakened its still gonna kill the oppose with the health amount that it had. Then I look at my oppents and his team had not one dino on it that I battled that’s all I’m saying. I’m always open to broadening my horizons on the education of this game you seem knowledgeable so would you consider helping me I’m going on level nine and doing very well with dinos both hybrids rare common just seems like far and few in between this happens and I’ve been stuck in arena 5 for a month and its irritating me I understand about the race to be the best but its unfair to people like me who could care less about being the top 500 I created this topic a while ago and had got feedback that it’s happened to other players

Sorry can i know which level your Trex and which level your opponent velo?

My t rex is 11 DNA short of 12 and his is a 9

There are undoubtedly glitches in the code.
Two paramolochs paired up, neither got hit with a deceleration or accelerating move, the lower level Moloch had the higher speed. This was one wonky battle, there were several glitches in this one.

I’m running into alot myself I don’t care about the tournament I just play now ludia has it so you can’t see any of your opponents you fight at least on my end only the last 3

It happen to all dino when batlle the same dino but 1 is higher the speed set at lower one, but the truth is the higher one who strike 1st. Just keep it in mind ludia never fix it.

Since I started this forum I would like to thank ludia for all the help! My battle experience has improved I fight people of the same level and rank as myself. How about all my other fellow players? How are you guys and girls doing with your experience?