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Battle Chests - Discard or Swap When Full

Hi All,

This has been tossed around before deep in some threads, but I keep wanting something like this:

The intention is to be able to get better battle chests without opening every single chest. This could look like being able to discard a chest for no rewards to open up a slot, or being able to swap a new battle chest for an existing one when all 4 treasury slots (battle chest slots) are occupied.

Why do this?
I tend to never have enough gems to open chests, so as a consequence, I stop playing in battle. This is especially true once trophies become meaningless above 4500. Furthermore, my gems are better saved for legendary items and I never have enough gems. The second goal of such a change would be to increase player activity in battle mode. If there is more potential for reward with more activity, player participation should increase. For me, fighting bots all of the time is a lot less fun than other players. More players and more completion is better for everyone! Finally, I find I don’t have anything productive to do in the “late game” (high levels) Once I’ve quickly completed the daily events except endlessly grind gems. Please let me battle for rewards without spending all of my gems! The reduced chest timer spell book (when it’s even available) seems like a poor investment because of the value of gems.

Of all the changes I would like to see, I hope this one is seriously considered. Thank you for your time.

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I agree @Silvermouse. It would be beneficial if we could dismiss unwanted chests.

Another rationale aside from the sensible reasons you presented is the recent increased frequency of 8-hour chests. Since spell books were implemented, a few times each week I am stranded with four 8 hour chests. Assuming this is not an anomaly, I suspect the intent of this revised frequency is to compel players to purchase the related spellbook. Unfortunately, the 8-hour chests are useless and in frustration I simply open one of the chests and close the app for the rest of the day. This significantly impacts my participation in both PvP and PvE, while unfortunately providing me significantly more time and incentive to visit forums and criticize such issues.

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Every week there are gem challenges, last week I made 1,000 gems, let alone the hundreds from the challenges, daily etc…

8 hour costs 48 gems

If you only play to fill up your battle chests then log, I feel you. Gems in this game are PLENTIFUL and without spending a dime.

Please correct me if I’m wrong, but II suspect you’re not purchasing a lot of 2 for 1 legendary packs @Khmer. As I’m sure you know, 1000 gems in a week doesn’t get you close to buying 1 of those, let alone a legendary that comes up for gems. So, perhaps if gems were more plentiful as you say, I would be more inclined to agree with you.

I do understand 48 gems isn’t a lot, but when you’re always low on gems due to trying to purchase legendary items, it gets hard to spend hundreds of gems on chests. As @Orloch notes, I often have a full set of 8-hour chests as well if I open all of my 3-hour chests, and that’s the end of most of my battle activities for the day. If i could throw those out, I would keep going for better options.

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A 1000 gems a week is NOT what I wrote.


Yes, I have purchased Legendary 2500 chests. Personally I think they’re a waste of gems. I’d much prefer to spend 2k gems on a guaranteed Legendary card that I need and/or spend the 2,500 gems opening the equivalent in battle chests.

Silver, I’d gladly sign your petition to discard useless battle chests, I just don’t ever see it happening. Without a cost to open chests, RED, would be the flavor of the day, everyday :partying_face:

I personally would not spend a single gem to open 3 or 8 hour chests. To me such chests are a valueless hindrance. The ludicrous cost to open these chests is intolerable. Why would one spend so many gems to buy a bunch of redundant common and rare items which they might eventually be able to sell or donate for gold. Moreover. now that most of the Legendary Items available in the store for gold is Armor, paying gems to open chests is even less desirable.

Sorry, I misunderstoond @Khmer. I get your point about the legendary packs, I usually purchase those in the store as well. I’m with you, I don’t expect such a change will ever happen, let alone an acknowledgement of the suggestion. I’m a hopeless dreamer. Can you just imagine how many people would be in battle to make red chests happen daily, wouldn’t that be something! Thanks for your support. :slight_smile:

@Orloch, I totally agree, it seems like a huge waste of gems to open those chests. The rewards are terrible. Sometimes I open a few to try for a better chest, but it feels like a really bad use of my resources, especially when I’m never farming enough gems to buy all the legendary packs I should be.

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I haven’t had a player ask to join in months, really since the guild raids were initiated. Common amongst other guilds?
We are stuck st 33 members.

Our guild leader keeps our team full, mostly through black magic, sacrifices to mystical powers, and burning a lot of palo santo. That, or maybe hard work, I actually don’t know, I’m pretty disconnected from the recruiting aspect. Thanks for the bump though! :sparkles: