Battle chests need an upgrade

With completion of the new explore event once again doubling the contents of all regular chests and increasing the contents of packs by 2/3, battle chests look increasing paltry. They really need to continue to improve as you progress through the leagues rather than maxing out when you reach league level.

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I happened to get both a red battle chest and the red chest at the end of the quest pass today, so this shows how far apart the top chests are currently.

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Nice leg pull Chuck

No leg pulling, those are actual chests. Since this was last brought up in December 2020, the contents of normal chests have quadrupled (doubled if you do Forestfell, and doubled again with Wintersky), but battle chests have remained in the same sorry state.

Think leg meant the legendary spyglass you pulled.

Lol, yeah, ok. Yes, I was quite happy with that chest.

That’s what I meant lol… I want that second telescope !!