Battle coins


What determines how many coins you receive after winning a battle? It seems to alternate between x18 and x216 for me. Get 18 coins but 32 trophies makes no sense as they were obviously higher ranking than me. Next match I get 216 with 29 trophies. Frustrating the times battling only for coins and get only 18. I’d rather it not even match me at all than to waste my time for a whopping 18 coins.


So true! Sometimes you get 90 or 18 coins for a such hard battle so you don’t want to fight anymore until you need an incubator.
I agree that the coin prize should be fixed or at least not so different. For example 180 - 220 coins. That’ll be ok and more players would fight at arena and it’ll be really more interesting.


Yeah I only battle at the moment for incubators. So maybe having an increase in battle coins, when you’re unable to obtain any new incubators would be a good incentive to partake in more battles.


I did a trial after reading this post. Did 5 battles without incubator (slot full) x144 coins each time. Had one slot empty did another battle got a 15min incubator and x66 coins. Maybe the value of coins go down when you get a incubator as well as coin.


No, even when you don’t have any incubator slot, you might get 18 coins just because it’s random. And that makes you give up with arenas


My gut tells me it’s a random amount based on the level of the players in the match, the star level of that player, & the strength of the victory. But after all, it’s still just a random number.


For me it’s an amount depending only on your arena level. But, if you battle too much a day, the amount is lowered.