Battle Combatants


I play this game daily and wish to have better options available for other players who have more important things to do than retaining the dinosaur stats and skill levels to gain the right combos to win.

It has come to my attention and those around me who play this game, or had played this game. It is fun at first when you have the combatants around for ranking. After you get to the 2200 block, it then becomes tedious. Players have to have a certain level of mathematics requiring them to figure and remember combat strategies with each dinosaur. The design of the game is to have fun; however, if you make a requirement to remember the combat strategy to win, then the game is a competition, not a game.

I would suggest an alternate verson of the battle arena that allows players to gain incubators after a battle, win or lose.

Another suggestion would be to place incubators in the store for purchase.

15 minutes $0.50
3 hour $1.99
8 hour $3.99
12 hour $5.99
24 hour $7.99
And so on…

In the interest of keeping your gamers playing, include a secondary option for combatants, allow the transfer of one dinosaur in place of another without taking the penalty. This will even the odds on combatants.

When a battle arena loss occurs allow the person who was defeated to gain an incubator in their inventory, and offer a one-time purchase of another incubator. They could choose the cover fee on what incubator they are buying.

This would also increase sales and allow for more even DNA for fighters. Your gamers would not get so upset by the loss, and opportunities will allow for mo re e advanced creatures for the next battle round.

Allowing players to have options makes the player feel at fault if they purchased the wrong incubator, not Ludia’s fault for having the wrong combis to win in the game.

Everybody likes to win. We want to win. The problem is that the combos to win are often too many to figure out without having everything written down in a comprehensive manner of success.

I find the friends competition is good for moral and friend bouts. Winning incubators during those events would be good for gamers as well. It builds confidence and a positive gaming experience. After all the whole purpose of playing games is to have fun and play. So play on.


Drop down the the previous arena and it won’t be as hard. 2200 should be fairly straightforward but if it isn’t there’s no shame in dropping down until you catch up.

There’s a competitive element to all vs mode games. I think if it wasn’t competitive and we all won every time it would be really boring. Learning the dinos skills and uses is also a real draw for most people.

There’s also safer types of dinos you can use in your team to have a more consistent battle. Not trying to make an assumption, but if you are using multiple raptors you stand to lose a lot of matches. Try some accessible tanks like euoplo, anky gen 2, nodosaurus and even stegosaurus is a safe choice.


You dont have to memorize anything, you can hold the opponent dino for a sec and see its stats and attacks. You can hold your attack to see a “likely” outcome. You cant expect them to make the game for toddlers, it has to have growing complexity or it going to get old real fast.

P.S.- incubators for loses? Friend fights? Stop asking for everything for free. Stop this “even the loser wins” mentality and maybe accept that you have to get better bexause your opponents are


You shouldn’t have to knock yourself down to the previous arena just to get incubators if you’re only interested in those and not trophies. Then it becomes heck for the lower arena players that suddenly find themselves fighting your dinos. I know I wouldn’t like it. Just let me fill my incubators plz. Dont eviscerate me by dropping into my arena lvl and stomping me to death. Then it really stops being fun.


I agree to a point. I have gotten all the way up to 4500 in the ranking. However, when I play the game combos require more familiarity than I or others have time for.

Making the competition, for those who wish to be competitive, is already in place. I have not asked for changing that. I ask for those who want to play the game, have options for playing that game. The concept of gaming is the same basis as Pokemon Go, except these are dinosaurs for Jurassic World. This makes the game interesting.

A ranked play is for competitors, and I personally know about 50 people who quit playing because they have not been able to gain a win in 15+ fights because of how the ranking-to-win ratio is setup. I am ranked 3748 right now and I take on 4225 ranked players. I would summize the comparison is less than fair for those who have less time playing or less DNA available to them.

As for the competition, I agree that it is competitive for you and you want it to remain that way. By all means, I encourage that it is kept for you and others like you who wish to be competitive. I am merely stating that if they want to expand their gamers list, then they have to create other options available for those who don’t wish to be competitive.


Incubators for wins or losses. How many battles do you win in a row? Since the game has changed the battle arena, the wins average is 2 wins to 4 losses. Would you prefer competition to win and be better than others, while suffering a great many losses to get there? Or would you prefer to compete with those who are around your same ranking roughly 200 below and 200 above you in the ranking system?

This would allow you to have multiple wins in a row with fewer losses to collide with the competition. I have even requested they put our win/loss ratio in our profile with a note telling is how the combatants are picked in ranked battles.


I agree. I ranked up to 4500. My average battles take out 7 losses to 1 or 2 wins, then I repeat it again and again. No matter the ranking, the win/loss ratio just doesn’t add up. Your ranked competitors are picked by your wins in the battle ranking. I don’t like finally getting to 4000 and taking on 4 different Indoraptors at the same time. Would you?