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Battle Difficulty Increases

I know that the PvE difficulty is based around your top creature/s

I assume the level youre on also does this

Im level 75 with my top creatures being 4 level 10 Indoraptors and then Im trying to improve my range for the next 10 creatures and getting there slowly, battles are manageable with bucks for CD

However, I’m only battle stage 62 as I’m pretty sure each battle stage I complete also increases difficulty, I went up 3 battle stages a 3 or 4 months ago and have sat on stage 62 since then

If I go up another battle stage, how much will it increase difficulty and can you confirm it definitely does increase PvE difficulty?


I don’t think completing battle stages increases the difficulty in other areas of PvE. Each battle stage goes up in difficulty (if I remember correctly). I also feel like I remember some getting easier with the addition of VIP and tournament creatures to my roster.


Thanks Sionsith.

Right then, I’m going in

Sorry. Misread the original post. I agree with @Sionsith

I will add that your creature lineup does play a role in enemy strength, similar to PVE although the unlockable creature is always at a real (40 and below) level


Thanks both

Ive gone up to battle stage 66 so when this afternoons events start Im very much hoping the difficulty won’t have increased