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Battle disadvantage


Lately I’ve been having the most rediculous badluck with battles. I don’t know what the (actual) rate of things moves like ‘cloak’ a d ‘evasive stance’ are, jut they don’t add up. I’ve been counting up that only 1 out of 14 times those moves are effective for me. Adversaries rates are way higher. 9 times out of 14. Ludia should have a decent explonation for this issue since it’s absolutely ruining my love for the game. Is the rate player or name based? Does Ludia give a better advantage to people putting money in the game?

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Nope, it happens to us all. Winning streak then loosing streak. Dodging 5 times in a row dodging none for several attempts. Stun seems to work 100% for opponent sometimes it does for me too but there are other times when I get stunned and my stun doesn’t do anything… just keep in mind that the opponent who did dodge or stun is just as relieved as you are when yours works;-)

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Here is what I’ve determined. Whenever you’re within 1 or 2 battle wins from reaching the next higher arena the RNG selects your worst 4 dinos. It also lowers your dodge/evade odds and increases the opponents. And yes the arena is seriously messes up!

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