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Battle dna

My dog just died and the idea of bringing him back like Jurassic Park can’t get out of my mind and I researched it and they say it’s possible and now they are trying to bring mammoth back to live so my topic is to tell ludia to make dinosaurs have a animation to bring our Dino back after they used in battle like zoom in to the bones or hair of feathers and take out the DNA and make the Dino reappear

I’m very sorry for your loss. My personal suggestion although is for you to let nature’s way as it is. Keep the memory of your dog in your heart as you knew it.

As for the game I like to think to myself that the animals in battle are not killed, they are only exhausted. That means that we do not have to recreate them, we only need to wait for their recovery.


OK thanks I understand

Sorry to hear about your loss, losing a beloved pet is never easy. While cloning of pets is indeed possible, you do have to have a good genetic sample saved before they expire. It’s still pretty expensive too, and a cloned animal is still never going to be exactly like the original. Still, it was something I actually considered with my dog Taz some years ago, mainly because he was so extraordinary and had a combination of traits that were very difficult to find even in his breed. So many people loved his personality, I was often asked about his breeding and if he was available for stud but since he was neutered, cloning was the only option. And I was very curious in particular to see if another dog with the same genetics, raised by the same person, would turn out fairly similar. But ultimately the cost was too much just to satisfy my curiosity.