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Battle doesn't work half the time

In battle with other players the entire game freezes and you cant control chars. They move forward on their own but you cant do any attack nor commands. It is an instant loss.

@tnesmith39, there have been ongoing server connectivity issues at Ludia since the most recent update. These are significant issues which resulted in significant complications with the update. The connection issues during PvP battles are discussed in the thread linked below.

The mods have advised the developer is aware, but I do not expect they will commit adequate resources to the resolve this issue.

Not had this issue all week in standard battle, but played my first tests of might this evening and in battle 3, it’s just happened again and not fixed - instant loss. Unbelievable! Get this sorted now. Beyond a joke.

I’m in the same boat. Before the last patch, I never had connectivity issues at all and now, almost every battle, I get disconnected. I’m able to close the app and get back in but by then, I’m usually either dead or a win is no longer possible.

I’d like to see some response from the devs as this issue seems to be effecting a lot of people.

I have the same issue, and also get it in PVE, except there’s no timer to force things along. I installed last night, very tempted to uninstall today.

If only! Having just experienced this bug for the first time (though in hindsight, I’m pretty sure I’ve benefited from opponents suffering it a few times), it’s actually a long, drawn out, depressing-to-watch loss. I only wish “instant” accurately described it.

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I used to have just PvP issues but recently it’s increasing more and more on PvE. Fortunately for PvE I may have to redo that room if I close the game and get back in but it’s costing me way too many PvP battles. I started doing VIP to help support the game a bit instead of just flat out buying gems, coins and gear but with the game feeling almost unplayable I may have to cancel it. I hope they address and fix whatever issues they are having.

it is a constent issue happens to me at leaset every other battle and developers do not care

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As we have seen, Symmetrical PvP on mobile devices is flawed. Symmetrical PvP requires server interchanges with each action due to the interaction between two remote devices. Each action a player makes needs to be accepted by the server, processed and transmitted to the opponent. The server load under these systems are onerous.

As I have mentioned in other threads, most developers tested PvP during beta and wisely choose an asymmetrical alternative. Ludia did not do this. Instead, Ludia implemented this flawed PvP structure after the app was released. There was no beta testing. As a result, they seemed unaware of the associated concerns.

Unfortunately, this broken PvP structure has become the economic basis of this app. As such, the developers seem stubbornly reluctant to rework PvP. With this in mind I do not expect the developer to resolve these ongoing issues.

Edit: These same issues with onerous server connectivity may also play a role in the crashes within the guild tab. I am not sure why many of the Guild Tab’s high server-hit features (ie. item trading) are not managed externally.

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I’ve found I need to turn all my over Wi-fi demanding kit off, and then the signal remains active.

I am a paying customer who will be looking to get the money I have paid to Ludia refunded by Google shortly if they do not at least acknowledge that this is a known issue and that they are attempting to fix it.

I really enjoy the game. This issue breaks the experience for me.

They acknowledge it in that post

This issue has been long standing but has recently exploded. I doubt it will be resolved quickly as the server capacity increases or the fundamental app re-coding to resolve this issue will likely be costly. Acquisitions by WotC may also deter the developer from investing heavily in this product.

Thanks - obviously I had missed that.

Maybe the developers need to disable this feature until they can figure out a way to fix it wasted 400 Gems in this weekends event because the game froze 4 out of the 6 battles PvP seems to be the most important part of this game to the Developers may want to have that feature working at 100%. I have reloaded the game 15 times, tried turning off the home Wifi, tried rebooting phone before starting game nothing works so this Has to be a game issue fix it or make it Free until it is fixed I have lost thousands of gems because of Pvp, I have lost rewards like crazy, Lost prestige point all because of this freezing issue Please do something to fix this … I do not know why I waste my time here since Nobody cares cust serve does not respond to anything so I will be canceling my VIP membership since the money is not going to anything to improve the game

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If you can not fix the PvP mode of this game remove the friggen option I am sick and tired of paying 9.99 a month for a game that does not work 90% of the dam time … Stop being so dam cheap fix the game or refund everyone the vip CAUST FOR 6 MONTHS till someone can learn how to fix a game

Since you refuse to fix this game I canceled my subscription you will never see another dime from me again and I promise you I have enough contacts that pay the so called VIP subscription as well and all of them will be ending theirs as well since the company is nothing but a scam stealing peoples money with no care of up keeping the game

Bit of light comic relief… I nearly lost today to a player who was obviously experiencing this bug :laughing:.

The one thing that your characters will still do when you’re experiencing this problem is move forward if possible. He was about 2-3 total levels higher than me, won initiative, and had one of those nigh-indestructible copies of Tomass. As I’m sure nearly anyone reading this knows, this character is extremely frustrating to fight if well-equipped and at least the same level as your most powerful characters. As one of the first actions of the battle, his Tomass moved into the middle row, making him safe from the arena fire. Cut to several moves later, I’ve taken down all his other characters, but the damn halfling is still in the middle row at about 80% hit points and the arena fire starts. I’d used my only push ability and it missed him. The only thing useful I have left is basic attacks, my push ability spends the rest of the fight on cooldown, and mostly my attacks barely scratch him. I can’t get criticals to save my life, almost literally in this case, which is irritating in itself because I also happen to have a crit quest going. (Every RNG-dependent quest seems to work that way for me, as soon as I find out I have the quest I go through an improbable dry spell of not getting the thing the quest wants me to get.) I’m frantically attacking him with every character and the arena fire is starting to actually reduce my hit points. I didn’t lose anyone but I was about two actions from doing so when he finally went down, and might have actually lost to a guy who wasn’t even taking any actions had my only critical hit of that entire battle not finished him off.

Don’t be mistaken @Madwar13. Support does “care about people wasting their money on this … game.” It is essential to them that you waste your money. They seem to work hard ensuring you do so.

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too funny but very true been telling about issue with Pvp freezing for 6 months they do nothing … so I canceled my VIP so far I have 115 others that canceled theres as well