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Battle Dream Team?


Just interested in getting some feedback on what you think a good mix of Armored vs Damage inflictors is? When your selecting your Team Dinos who wins a spot vs who doesn’t? What’s a factor? Speed? Damage? Abilities?


Speed and damage are tge main things i look for as abilities dont seem to compare well


I’m looking forward to being able to sort the dinosaurs based on something besides level and rarity (like health, armor and attack).


Three velociraptors and a utahraptor.

Only kidding!..

Four velociraptors.


In all seriousness, probably at least 2 raptors. Indom seems really good too. It can Cloak turn 1, possibly negate all damage that turn, maybe even negate damage for the next turn, and then do 400% damage with armor piercing. I would assume for that reason that something good with a Nullifying attack would also be ideal.