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Battle & Dungeon Balance Tips

This is the only mobile game I play at the moment. It’s simultaneously a ton of fun and phone-smashingly frustrating. On top of the skip turns in PvP idea that’s been mooted elsewhere (which I strongly support), I have some other ideas for balance and gameplay.

  1. Combine the new and old dungeon dice systems. I liked the scaling up of dice in the old system, and the three chances in the new system. Why not do both? Complete the first room? Get a d6. Second room? Upgrade to d12. First boss / third room? d20. Fourth room? Get another d6 to roll alongside your d20. Fifth room = d20 and a d12. Sixth room / second boss = 2xd20s. Seventh room = 2xd20s and a d6. Eighth room = 2xd20s and a d12. Final room / third boss = 3xd20s. That way you’re always rewarded for progress.

  2. Since timeouts, server issues, and latency are presenting such a massive problem, here’s an alternative. Have characters advance as normal on timeout until they’re within range. Next turn they timeout, have them make a random attack (melee or ranged, dependent on their basic weapon). This way, server issues don’t lead to teams just standing there, waiting to get pummeled. Random attacks obviously won’t be as effective as a human would be, and characters won’t use abilities. But they’ll be a lot more useful than they are at present, and it means temporary disconnects are less likely to permanently swing a battle beyond reach.

  3. I’m not sure how PvP matchmaking and points are calculated, but the total level disparity possible between teams seems absolutely broken. Presumably, the points and chests awarded for a victory are at least partly based on factors like the total levels of the team you killed, how many characters you had left alive at the end, the level disparity between your team and theirs, whether the other team disconnected or not, the level disparity between your and your opponent’s equipment etc. If not, either start incorporating these into your calculations to better reward players who punch above their weight, or band the PvP matchmaking more tightly, so you don’t end up with such obvious mismatches. Preferably both.

  4. The new PvP kill counting mechanic is great, as it means there’s always something to play for, even if it’s beyond obvious you’re not going to win the match. But please, have extra kills carry over. If I’m on 19/20, and win a match with 4 kills, and then redeem my 20/20, I should start the next round on 3/20, not 0! This seems like a bug, not a feature, because I can’t begin to fathom a good reason for this to be intentional design. It annoys me every time, because those then feel like wasted kills.


I like ideas, 1, 2 & 4

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I agree with number 4 but I also see why they probably don’t do it. It is suppose to be a shot at a new chest every 24 hours not a new chest for every 20 kills. If you could just continually get a new chest for every 20 kills it would make more sense for a rollover

You can roll over and still make the chest collectable only once every 24 hours.

I am not disagreeing that they could, and I would like it if they did as well, I am just saying that is probably why they don’t

  1. Please let us opt out of the absurd emoji chats during PvP. It’s beyond infuriating. I don’t want to see some smug player laughing at me when he already had a massive level advantage any more than I want to see some poor schmuck cry when I have an unfair level advantage over him. If people want to engage in it, that’s fine for them. But I have literally zero interest in speaking to anyone I face in PvP, and I shouldn’t be forced to.
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Totally agree on #5. I don’t want to talk to whoever I am playing the only time I have ever used it is using the laughing one when I beat someone with the new character. That’s a jerk move to some level, but I want it to sink in how they just burned $50 for something they have always known they could get for free if they waited. Which is to say the emojis are clearly making PvP rude.

  1. Take in mind that I was already on Level 6 dungeon when they started giving XP for PvP. I think if you win you just get to whatever PvP dungeon level you are on, if you are lose you get at least half that, and the. There is maybe a one point addition for each enemy character defeated.

  2. I would like to see points rollover too, and I would like to see them get rid of the timer. Look Ludia I promise you I have other stuff to do aside from sitting around doing PvP all day. Once I fill up my chest slots I move on until a new one opens. That said when I see your stupid timer pop up, I will drop everything to max out the kills so I don’t lose those points even if I end up wasting an hour on it. It isn’t my fault you threw me three or four matches wherein you gave me my worst characters. Thus it isn’t my fault that I maxed out my kills faster than you thought I should. Stop trying to punish me for it!

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$brawlChestNum = GetCurrentBrawlChestNum($playerID);
$totalKilledPVP = GetTotalKill($playerID);
$brawlChestNum += $totalKilledPVP;
if($brawlChestNum > 20) {
$excessBrawlChestNum = $brawlChestNum - 20;
CreateNewBrawlChest($playerID, $excessBrawChestNum);

Took me 3min to type out the code for the devs for free. Please update soon, thank you lol

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I think it is wights that steal buffs. I don’t recall there being any drow in the game.

Think this might be the wrong thread, Horke :joy:

“Since timeouts, server issues, and latency are presenting such a massive problem”

I have to reiterate that the servers for this game are genuinely embarrassing. I’ve never paid for a mobile game, never will. But even if I were the type to do so, I would never drop money on a game this unreliable.

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