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Battle Effects, help to understand some please


About Battle Effects, i have a few questions please…


  • whats “Extra Damage Against”, is it different from “Increase Attack”?
  • whats “Extra Duration On”?
  • is “Regenerate On Attack” used?


  • whats “Cooldown Increase” and “Exhausted” and once again, “Extra Duration On”?
  • is “No Critical Chance” used?
  • is “Prevent Positive Effect” same of Nullify?


  • whats the difference between “Automatic Swap” and “Force Swap”?
  • “Nullify”: is there an INSTANT nullify? is this like procerathomimus swap-in nullify?

thank you for help. :slight_smile:


Many of the effects you quoted are not in game. I guess that’s because they were designed internally but didn’t make it out to the actual game.

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