Battle ends too soon.... bug?


I keep having a problem where a battle ends prematurely, I’m declared the winner (or loser), don’t get any trophies if supposedly winning or am awarded an incubator… which disappears when I log in again. What is going on?

It appears I got kicked out of the battle, the AI takes over and proceeds to (usually) lose. But each time my Internet connection was secure… no apparent phone problems… cleared the cache etc.

I’m at about 3,400 trophies and it appears won’t be able to get any further… but at least let me l lose fair and square. Could it be my older phone (Samsung Galaxy S5)?

I just wanted you to be aware of this possible bug. Possible solutions appreciated!

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Hey DeLana, I’ve not heard of battles being ended prematurely before. Contact our support team here at with more detail of this so they can investigate further, including any screenshots and your support key in your email will be really helpful.

There are also some troubleshooting steps on this thread for you to try, it might be helpful: Lost a battle I was winning


Thanks for the quick response, I will report it if it happens again.


I was battling and I had 2 wins to 1. I was taking my finally strike for the third win and it closed and said OPPONENT WINS!!


Happened to me a few days ago aswell. Also had a rex about to strike its first move and it was defeated before taking a single hit


Just happened to me :confused: