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Battle Event 2 - revisit review, improvements, still not 100% decent

Hey all! Welcome back for round two of the battle event review. As we know, the first one was not so great, and they did make some improvements in the second one, however much is left to be desired. Here is a comparison of rewards:

Round 2:

230 gems
1x Common, Rare & Epic Pack: Wizard
x50 Rare (random choice)
x150 common (random choice)
x400 common (random choice)

600 gold refill

Round 1:

4000 Gold
Some random gear picks
10x common pack for wizard
10x rare pack for wizard

60 gem refill cost (can be spent on 1k gold)

With that being said, here is my image from this event (click for full image):

All in all, its barely an improvement, and possibly a slap in the face.

230 gems nets u around 2k gold, unless u hold out for 500 gem purchase, then its worth around 4k, similar to previous event.

I prefer gems, cause they can be used to buy packs, so ok. A single rare pack costs 200 gems…we got 10x rare packs in first event…

The addition of the EPIC pack, was nice, but it only had 2 items in it, and was not 10x. Getting 50 fights done deserves a greater reward, especially on a hero whose legendaries far outweight her epics.

Things that were improved - 600 gold for a refresh. This made it soooooo much more doable. Spending large amounts of gems in the first one, especially for non-legendary rewards was poor choice. 600 gold, all veteran players can handle. I think it should scale, based on renown, say 50gold per renown level (yes im renown lv20 and im suggesting it would cost me 1k gold). This would provide newer players a cheaper rate (600 gold is lv12 renown).

Legendary pack at the 50 point. This should be an ABSOLUTE. if you want us to play through 50 matches, for our sanity, please put the final reward as a single random Legendary for that hero. You will also get more people playing and thats always good for the game (and better event reviews).

I would structure the rewards in a fashion such as:

Battle 3: Currency = 2x refresh cost (1200 gold for example)
Battle 7: 10x a single random Common item
Battle 10: Gems x100
Battle 14: 10x Common Packs
Battle 21: Gems x150
Battle 25: 5x Rare Packs
Battle 33: Gems x250
Battle 40: 10x Single random Rare
Battle 45: 3x Epic Packs
Battle 50: 1x Legendary (always guaranteed)

This would be a fair breakdown, allows us to get good amounts per hero and solid items for the select hero. Anything outside of these minimum rewards makes the event less popular, and less worthwhile except to very new players, The current formats were not of value to most veterans, in comparison ot the time and currency investments, as well as the annoyance factor of broken pvp matching.

Honestly, the main attraction would be having a legendary in this, if were fighting 50 fights, which takes an average of 3.5 hrs, put a single legendary in there. Show your customers, especially those of us who pay, that you guys care.

The current formats are not valuable to the player base, and hurt us socially overall. The game is already suffering and so is the player base, something exciting, fun and new like this, should give us rewards that we feel are substantial and worthwhile. We WANT to love, enjoy and broadcast your game, but we keep getting shorted and thats obviously not good for u guys as a studio, and given the Dungeons and Dragons franchise, u have a ton of opportunity, why not make the best of it?

People will flock to your game, when people start raving about it. Events like these should give the player an advantage, not a disadvantage for little reward. I highly suggest using a mixture of all three events (the two live ones, an dmy suggested format)

Overall, this one was in fact better entry for all, but had less rewards overall, which with a gold entry fee, makes sense based on how all other game activities occur (anything with gem entry fees always have increased reward payouts), but in the future, the issue with #1 battle, was it was just commons and rares - if u are going to charge gems, at least put Legendaries in it.

Ok, hope that helps, and for people considering it, only do it if u are bored, have extra gold, or really need Shevarith (Wizard)gear.

600 gold is not a lot for a veteren player? What are the requirements to be a veteren player? I’m renown 11, with only two L10 characters. 600 gold is a lot, considering I only made 6-7 matches with all the over levels I had to deal with.

At that rate, I’m probably spending 3-4K and possibly more for, honestly… not much, including time.

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An average veteran can make 10k or more a day in gold, im a bit ahead of the curve and generate 20-30k a day with ease, not to mention alot of gems daily just from playing

Ok. I can maybe managed 2-5K, depending on the day and rolls. Not many gems, though.

You a VIP player?

Everyone is at different stages, and yes always VIP, I find this game worth it but with or without vip makes little difference now as the new dungeon gives 2250 gold or 135 gems, and i get them pretty often farming first boss every 5 mins or so