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Battle event Earth Shattering

Did anyone else have a problem with this event after I completed it and I tried to collect the prize my game crashed and when I logged back in I received nothing @Ned and @Keith could y’all please check on this I would definitely appreciate any help you can give this should have been a snack statue unlock

Was this the Dimorphodon pack? I got rewards but 0 loyalty point wich seemed a litte odd (it even said ‘You have earned Loyalty Points 0’)

@KentS it showed the dimorphodon in the back ground but the pack showed the snack statue and a unlock and I did not receive anything my game just crashed

It should not have been the snack statue that’s for sure as it is not unlockable from what I understand, a glitch for sure if it was showing that for this event. Make sure you submit a ticket as it should have been the Dimophodon.

@Sionsith thanks for the information but I did not have to put in a ticket they have already corrected it and sent it to me in the in game mail


I saw it had the wrong pic on the event too. It was never supposed to be the goat trophy. It seemed to be corrected later. I would put a ticket in to get it.

They corrected the issue and sent me the correct pack in the in game mail