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Battle Event Issues?


After the update yesterday every battle that I have competed in whether it be a daily event or pvp has had connection issues about 70% of the matches take ten minutes to load and I’ve had to forfeit all of my pvp matches, wasting my bucks. Has anyone else had this problem? It isn’t a storage related problem I checked that and my storage on my phone isn’t even half full. If this is an in game issue I suggest Ludia fixes it please.


Have not had the same experience, since the update I have had no issues with any of the battling. Sometimes the issues are device specific, what is your setup?


iPhone 8 I’ve tried troubleshooting but I can’t find anything that would be causing the problem


Hey Edawg4503, if it’s possible, could you try connecting your device to a different internet connection and see if you’re still having this issue? If you’re connected to WiFi, forgetting the network and then reconnecting to it could help as well. If the problem persists, feel free to contact our support team here at with your support key so our team can try and assist you.


I’m no longer having problems but it’s likely that it had something to do with the internet. Thanks for the help!

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I’m glad to hear that your problem was fixed!