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Battle Events fails

Every battle event I have to battle against teams who are 3 levels more than my. Is this just a try to make me buy stuffs in the game? You just to show me how “pay to win” this game are?

The key to success is to “lose early and lose often”. You have won too many games early on. See my guide here:

So, this is the point, just in battle event I have this “issue”, 'cause in normal battles I battle against teams who are the same levels that mine.

The noted rigging only works for these ToM style events. You really have 3 options:

  1. Pay gems to Ludia up-front by losing your first dozen matches. [This is extremely effective for higher renown insiders]
  2. Don’t pay up-front. Instead pay plenty later battling against superior players who have paid up-front to battle weaker players. [This is punishing for players unaware of the event rigging]
  3. Skip the event. [This is what I have been doing]

Unfortunately, due to the noted event rigging and the unavoidable level 20 bots it seems many players simply choose to skip these events.

Additionally, the developer and Brand are aware of this issue and seem confident this is an acceptable matchmaking methodology.

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This is effective for anyone who tries it. You don’t need to be high renown. I think it’s most effective for players with 3-400 arena trophies because they get matched up versus level 1-4 bots.

Who you battle depends on your event trophy count and their Battle mode trophy or event trophy. There’s no reason to think that there will necessarily be overlap in matchmaking between those who lose early and lose often and those who don’t.

I play only free battles, i’ll not wast my money trying to win bots and high level teams

In my opinion, 250 gems for a legendary is a good deal, if you have the time to play a bunch of easy PvP battles.

But I understand how you can discouraged.

I see where you are coming from but I disagree.

  1. Beginners do not benefit from this exploit. There is nobody below the bottom players, ergo they cannot benefit. Only more veteran players really benefit. Most beginner players are matched against humans, so bots are irrelevant to them. It also cannot benefit those who are unaware.

  2. Based on my experience, my true PvP battles during the Heroic Adventures event earlier this week were against opponents many trophies higher than myself. Had I tanked I could have avoided these tanking players. The tanking is the greatest factor in players with high regular PvP counts having significantly lower event trophy counts.

And as per the point of my post, you either pay up a bit up-front and then a bit later against the level 20 bots, or you pay more consistently all the way through. The code tuckers at Ludia benefit either way.

What compounds the issue is many players are getting upset ay losing to much more powerful players because Ludia has implemented a flawed mechanism and shared it amongst only a few players.

You don’t hang out at arena level 1 enough. Arena level 1 is exclusively populated by bots ranging from level 1 to 4. If an arena level 2 player tanks their first 10 or more ToM games, they will be exclusively matched against easy bots for the remainder of the event.

I agree with this point.

Your data points are welcome, but requires some more context to interpret. Was your current Battle mode trophy count equal or lower than your maximum Battle mode trophy count at the time? Were these matches the first few games or after you’ve won a few battles?

Remember that there’s a positive feedback loop that pushes your event trophy count higher after early wins. You have stated multiple times that you did not deliberately lose your first matches. If it was after early victories, your event trophy count will be much higher than your displayed battle mode trophy, and you may have even been matched against battle mode players rather than Tom players.

Based on my own personal experience, I’m the only player to have engaged in the “lose early lose often” strategy.

This is close but not quite my strategy. You don’t play against level 20 bots if you don’t want to. They become level 20 due to win streaking so it’s not a good idea to match them. You can also reset your win streaks in Battle mode. Otherwise you get the gist of my strategy:

Pay a little to lose up front so you don’t have to pay a lot later on.

Instead of pay ever increasingly more for each win in the game mode.

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Although we may be in disagreement about some of the technical aspects, we agree on very similar conclusions.

I decided to lose the first 15 battles, which cost me 250 gems for the event. Partially because I accidentally won a fight on the second fight, and also because there was 50 battles to win, so a projected rise of 500 event trophies even at 10 trophies per win.

I should have just lost 14 fights because afterwards I just went 49-0.

Lose early; Lose often is the best strategy.


Just lost 4 battles and my event trophy count didn’t change …

The displayed trophy count in Test of Might is your current Battle mode trophy count. Your event trophy count is hidden.

This is partially what clued me into the trophy loss/gain formula.

Your event trophy count can be tracked based on your highest Battle mode trophy count this season and then the differential between your displayed trophy count and the opponent’s trophy count for trophy win/loss.

You can also infer your current event trophy count based on the bots you face (range of 200 trophies) and your opponents.

Or just do this:
Leap of Faith

I dont know what game you guys are playing. I just lost the first 12 games and am still playing people the same strength as me. Even if there trophy count is way lower. Great waste of 150 gems

I’m thinking it’s probably also effected by which league you are in, if you are just into a league and drop 15 battles then you will be in the lower league for a long time while winning 10 trophies each time. If you well into a league and drop 15 battles then it won’t be long before you pop back into that league?


So what was your starting event trophy count Rets?

Matchmaking is determined by trophy count (within 200 before bot prompt) and not league.

In previous iterations of Test of Might, leagues determined bot strength, but in this new one, they changed it so that bot strength is based on max league reached this season.

What was your highest trophy count @herpderp? That might tell us where you started and where you are now.

My highest trophy count this season was 3600. After losing 15 games, I was matched with players at around 2700 and slowly climbed to 3200 ish.

it shows a change of league when you cross a border

But accept may not change whom u fight

I might not like your conclusions re data but I’m happy to take a leap of faith based on your advice when it comes to game mechanics :wink:

A player I know well and trust more than any other, reluctantly decided to play this event. The player reports everything is working precisely as described by @Retsamerol.

The player commenced the event by losing the initial 10 battles.
The player advised all opponents were vastly inferior following the initial losses.
The player has played 30 matches since, winning 28 while loosing only 2.

Assuming nothing changes, said player estimates the total cost will be 250 gems and the duration will be between 4.5 and 5 hours.

As an added bonus, a legendary item was pulled from the first chest.

The current progress represents a final reward consisting of at least 2 legendary items, a handful of lesser items and trinkets, and 5000+ gold. This will be an excellent return for 250 gems.

[Edit: The player referenced started with an approx. Battle Mode trophy count of 3100]

[Edit 2: Everything proceeded as expected until the final battle. The opponents for win 50 were extremely difficult. It took 5 attempts to win, costing an extra 100 gems The player also ended up with a Legendary from both chests increasing the previously anticipated reward to 3 Legendaries.]

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I was just over 3500 trophys when i started

Orloch can neither confirm nor deny that “the player” is Orloch

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