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Battle Events fails

After 8 losses I just matched someone 500 trophies lower :slight_smile:

I’m only being matched to peeps 300-500 below me after 15 losses. Hope it doesn’t go really tough before I get to to end


I get the reasoning for trying to win the way people do but I honestly just like playing… I don’t want to lose in purpose and I’d rather not fight people who are too easy. As annoying as it can be to lose fights you should win, I love when I pull of a win against tougher opponents even more. I like leveling up and gaining gear, but I play because I enjoy battling itself whether pvp or pve.

You can do that in arena. The event is about trying to game an unfair system. If it was fair it would be a different matter

Yeah, I am not judging anyone that does. I play as much of that as I get for free and then I play regular pvp when it is over. Like I have said in previous posts, I have stopped playing bots altogether because of the grief and inconsistencies with them. I have just stopped doing the parts of the game I don’t like and just do the parts I enjoy. If I ever stop getting more fun than I get frustration then I will stop playing altogether.

Lost 18 battles to be safe

Won first two, next match fought all level 15’s (mine r 12-14). Got creamed. Which means I can’t play for a few hours lest I be matched with them again? :stuck_out_tongue:

Their trophy count was only 2200 :stuck_out_tongue:

This is likely due to meeting up with someone who has been caught up in the difficult positive feedback loop by winning early and often.

Not everyone is in the know about how the event matchmaking and trophy gain/loss works. They will start in the difficult feedback loop and each fight will be harder and harder for them.

I believe that the game will only match against you against the same opponent only until one of you loses twice. I don’t think that you need to wait

@Mkb617 your language use is suggestive that you are virtue signaling.

Your accidental win was against me I was trying to loose my first 10 too. I did loose my first 12 I should have lost my first 15 because my last 5 win I was definitely on the wrong side of the system

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FYI, it doesn’t have to be the first 15. Once there’s a >=200 point difference between the opponent’s displayed trophy count and your count, you’re getting 10/win or losing 50/loss.

So if you notice that your scores are getting a little too close for comfort (e.g. sub 300 differential), you can always lose a match to buy you about a 5 game buffer zone.

I have a bit of difficulty changing track, and I often don’t look closely at the opponent’s trophy count, so just losing more early is easier for me, and I’d rather just share the easy method with the community.

But if you’re hardcore and remain vigilant, you can probably save 50 to 100 gems by losing deliberately whenever your opponent ends up within 300 trophies.

I’ve had a few around 300 already and only on battle 20. Might have to tank a few more

Tanked the first 18 games, lost 3 on the way to the 40th,

On the 40th was sub 300 - lost this one anyway :stuck_out_tongue:

Was just hovering around 300 differential again when completed


I dint luck out with a legendary from from chest but did get a legendary from the arena battle chest (/20) that filled up from the event - got the legendary paladin belt judgment of Tyr

Then got the legendary Owl skull for Raika as event reward

All in all a good haul :slight_smile:

Thanks to Rets for the tips :slight_smile:



Happy that my hypothesis about the trophy gain/loss translated into a way to complete the event for players who chose to follow it.

Here is where I shall perform my own virtue signaling:

I really hope that this formula is changed by Ludia because it is a huge trap for the unwary. Even though many of the forum goers may be able to take advantage of the current Test of Might system, I know that we only represent the minority of players, and likely a diminishing fraction since the in-game link to the forum was removed. So even if I lose my unfair advantage, I’d rather Ludia fix the formula.

These Test of Might events have created a huge amount of frustration among the casual community, and if the stories are to be believed, have caused many players to engage less with the game. I think this has made the game overall less healthy.

The way to fix it is simple: display the event trophy count and let the differential event trophy count determine the gain/loss formula. It’s a matter of changing a handful of variables and pointers. This is detailed in my recommendations in this thread:

Lastly, I think this experience highlights the importance of making careful observations about what is happening, rather than just blaming matchmaking and not investigating further. The problems with this event has never been the matchmaking algorithm, but the trophy gain/loss formula.