Battle Fatigue!

Anyone else feeling battle fatigued with the amount of strike towers fights?


That badge one last week was like uuuuugh. It was easy and simple. I was just glad it was at my house so I could use WiFi. I haven’t looked today yet. But I have the gold at home.

Regardless it helps the alliance missions when people complete them.

The real battle fatigue is the game in general. It’s not fun anymore. Too many new creatures that are the go to creatures with new moves you have to study for 20 minutes with their paragraph descriptions. All our creatures we’ve built amping our journey suck now despite being fully boosted. Flocks changed the whole game for the worse because it’s boooooring. Tournaments were fun at one point. Now it’s like arena.

The game isn’t fun. I wish I had quit after the last AC. Now my joy is building my alliance again. The community is what makes the game. Not the game.


That one tower with 10 battles last week SUCKED. Rewards weren’t really worth the time either…

This tower is not worth the 10 battles.

Not worth the effort at all