Battle for Survivals bug and another question

I was making third stage of battle for survivals and seen this. Shouldn’it be solo common?

Also, should I do this trade? Locked for me, that’s my sixth and TH often gives me them but for enormous amounts of bucks.

and the bug is bad because…

The bug isn’t bad but it’s alwaysa bug. And about Pyro?

That’s probably not a bug, it’s just how the event was programmed. Idk about pyroraptor tho, but I think you should get it

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Ok thanks 10 characters

For YOU its only common…

For you Flavio Camargo it’s solo rare? It changes at different levels? I don’t know. Because if it changes by level i’m gonna build up an army of rares… :grimacing:

No, we use only common, common hybrids vs Ai creatures :sweat_smile:

only common for us and not for AI…

for example: this event only herbivores

the restriction is only for players…

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I have never seen a rare on the opponents team in this event though that’s new to me, usually its max utahraptor or max hatzegopteryx nothing else


it’s like i said the restriction only for the player :neutral_face:

This event is based off your park level. I am not sure of the interval but it will change at various points as your park level increases.

Even for me it was maxed commons. That was only a match with Nasuto.

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