Battle freeze and GPS issues


anyone else have an issue when halfway through battling the game just freezes and doesnt recover?

also that GPS now gets stuck if your moving, and you catch something?

I lost a battle

I got similar problems as well


The same here. When a GPS issue occur, i choose to display details of any dino from the collection, then come back to the map


I was waiting for my opponent and it reach 0 and then froze, I quit the app and came back to this…Screenshot_20180923-182140


It sucks … the game does freeze on occasion before the battle even begins sometimes (the screen just looks like it’s loading forever) and it’s never happened to me, but it does happen mid-battle rarely too.

Best thing you can do is close the game and relaunch and hope you only lost one turn.

You’re not alone, I hate it when I lose battles too…