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Battle Freeze Bug still around

I am seriously so curious as to why this is happening to you. I’m assuming you’ve gone through the whole rigamarole of basic fixes? I.e clearing cache, doing a clean reinstall (if you’re logged into the game via facebook or google play) etc?

I’m so sorry you’re still going through this, though. Of all the bugs, you seem to have gotten the oddest one…


This is so sad that it’s been going on for this long. It’s not a bug everyone is hitting, but one that is pretty serious so I don’t understand why they aren’t looking into this with more urgency. C’mon Ludia! Fix these bugs!


I hope the draft section will be fixed soon for those with the issue and also support told me they will fix the sound playing upon booting the game when the settings in the game have sounds switched off and it’s been more than a month, maybe 2 and still is an on going issue.


Dear @DukeTheGreat,

I’m sorry this is happening to you still. It’s probably that they’re prioritizing most common bugs over bugs that target few people, though that’s no excuse. And they did need 2+ months to fully solve issues causing the ghost glitches. Who knows, it takes them a lot to get anything done. Which means that perhaps in 1,5 month they’re going to solve your problem, or not. Who knows. And if they do, at that point I’m not sure as to whether it’ll be useful to you, considering you are sort of retired (or in the process of retiring).

Post is 26d old, of course, as shows in first comment. And as you do know. (And probably ludia as well. Which, by the way, should have been the target of this question, not… us.)

Now I don’t want your account, and I wouldn’t recommend you doing that – at least not yet.

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Message to ludia: get it together, be more professional. You keep alienating people from the game.

They will fix it eventually.
Keep busy with the rest of the game until then. :wink: