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Battle glitch/possible cheater


So I was battling someone today and had them beaten with no real chance of winning. My last Dino was faster, the opponents steg had no priority moves and even if he switched out last minute before my move hit, the other Dino also wouldn’t have enough health to withstand the hit. Basically, there was no way for this person to win but right before my final move could hit, the game started to glitch, freeze and just kind of spazz out for a minute. I reloaded the game and it turns out I lost. There was NO possible way for me to lose yet at the last second the game glitches and I’m hit with a loss. This is absolutely unacceptable whether it’s a bug or someone cheating. We put time and money into this game yet stuff like this continues to happen without any support.


Hey Majorj, I’m sorry to hear that happened but sadly I’m not able to look at the exact details of what happened during your match. However, if you contact our support team here at with more information and your support key, they can try and take a closer look at this for you. Also, freeing up some memory by closing any background applications you’re not using while playing the game could prevent the game from freezing up. Clearing the cache might also help, but make sure that your game is connected to a Facebook, Google Play store, or Game Center account before doing that.


I’m with you @Majorj. Same here, contacted the tech support, all I got is an apology, Spent a lot if money to enjoy and play this game, All it was said is that “there’s nothing they can do”!:rage::roll_eyes::thinking::wink::exploding_head::rofl::thinking:


Yeah that seems to be the theme around here.