Battle glitched

Idk what’s going on but 5 times today ive lost a battle due to a glitch…idk what triggers it but I’ll be battling just fine then my screen flashes pink a few times hard closes the game and then I try to restart it and by the time I do I’ve lost out on 3 turns and I can’t select a move to try and salvage the match


It’d be nice if ludia fixed this or did something to correct the situation when battling is tough as is being under lvled and overmatched…probably the most aggrevating thing thus far when you have 0 ability to win with strategy and thinking

The same thing happens to me when I’m using data and then my phone automatically connects to wifi. Could this be your issue?

I am using data but it’s not auto connnecting or disconnecting since my WiFi is off

I haven’t seen anything quite like this but out of 11 PvP battles so far today, 11 have included a glitch. I’ve lost battles 2-1, had creatures disappear from the arena floor, had individual moves disappear from the menu, been told to choose a creature repeatedly, had a creature’s stats pop up onscreen when I tap it but am never able to actually choose it, and more. So far v1.8 isn’t the disaster that v1.7 was, but it’s getting increasingly annoying. (I just filed a bug report about a major sanctuary problem as well.)

Hey Jdelta, our team would be glad to investigate further if you could email them here at with your support key and device information.

I was 2-2 in a battle the other day coming down to the wire when the screen flashed pink and kicked me from the battle. By the time I got back it was over. As expected, my opponent won.