Battle glitches and losing trophies


I know it’s not just my account because my husband plays as well and it happens to us at the same time if we are both playing. I have lost so many trophies to game glitches. Often I start a battle and it times out to 0 and no challenger shows up and I’m stuck

I have to restart the game and of course the battle is already going on without me there to fight and usually results on a lose. I know my husband is having the same problem just as frequently. I know other players must be having it since I have engaged in battles where they aren’t fighting back and I hate it for them. I’m working really hard to get to th final arena and it is hard enough without these issues happening! I can do bad on my own guys!

*yes we are connected to a strong business WiFi so it’s not that.

love the game but please help guys! Those trophies are earned and it stinks to lose them like this!


Hey Kat_von_Hacke, I’m sorry to hear that this happened and I understand how frustrating it can be. Our team has been notified of a similar “timed out” issue, and they’re still looking into it. If you have any other information, reach out to our team at with your support key to assist them with the investigation. If this is often happening, the troubleshooting steps on this thread here could be useful: Lost a battle I was winning


Thank you for all you do. I know there are a lot of gripes but overall you guys are doing a great job.