Battle glitches are becoming unbearable


I have 8 other photos from battles, all of which I’ve lost due to these glitches, most recent example 2 minutes ago we were 2-2 I had my nodoapatosaurus he switched to pyroraptor and I was unable to use decelerating impact due to this whiteout move glitch, which would have won me the match. I’ve been in the top 25 but have lost so many battles due to these glitches I’m now 108 and counting, again I have 6 more diff photos and could have taken more. Given how much I’ve played this is extremely frustrating when you’re going between 2400-2500+ with these issues, they seriously screw over the gameplay and ruin the experience that people have actually put money into. Even if it was only 6.99…



Yup I getting sick of them as well 22 battles ruined because of the games glitches


Have you ever had the game lock up at the start of a battle, so you try to reload the game, only to have it keep freezing before you can select a dino? It has happened quite a few times to me, and when I at last get the game to reopen on the map screen, I’m notified that I lost the battle. How can you lose a battle that technically never took place?


Same problems on Wi-Fi and on 4g.


Mine is doing the same thing. I’m down 40 points because it keeps booting me out and when I reboot the game it tells me that I lost within seconds.


I was up 2 dinos to 1, all of a sudden the game glitched. I lost 3 dinos to 0. I come back and it said I lost a battle. What?


Hey Ron_C, our team has been notified of a similar issue, but usually, it could be caused by a connection error or delay. Try the troubleshooting steps here and see if it helps in preventing this: Lost a battle I was winning
If the issue persists, contact our support team at with your support key.