Battle glitches/disconnects


I’ve been having a lot of trouble with battles. Between “Match Timed Out” notifications that make me restart my game only to load it to see my team being destroyed by the auto-player, to getting into the fight and being unable to select my dino or their attacks because the icons don’t appear on the screen, I’m really losing my patience with the already annoying battling feature.

I just want to keep farming incubators but if it takes 5 restarts just to get a fight to load, only to be unable to select my move, and then end up having to go through about 9-10 fights just to get the incubator, it’s really not all that worth it… especially when half the time it’s the garbage 15 minute incubator.

Note: This happens on full bar wireless connection so it isn’t a network issue.


Hey epsina, sorry to hear about this, I understand that connection issues can be frustrating especially when it happens during battle. If you are on a stable WiFi signal, could you please try forgetting the network on your device and then reconnect to it? We also recommend our players to avoid switching between WiFi and data connections because it could cause trouble with the game loading.

There are some troubleshooting steps I’ve provided on this thread that could be helpful for connection issues:

You also mentioned not being able to see your dinosaurs abilities; if this happens again, could you please try tapping the swap button and then cancelling the swap? Doing this should allow your dino’s abilities to reappear.

If the issue persists, you can contact our support team here at It’ll be useful if you could also include your support key in the email.


Also timing out non stop here. Have rebooted phone, tried wifi at home and work as well as cell service. Just times out