Battle Glitches Instensified


I’m seriously confused and concerned about what just happened in my last battle. I was about to switch to my last dinosaur, indominus rex, after I had noticed the opponent was only using the strike attack on each turn. I figured they had been disconnected and so I wanted to end the battle. When I had done so, their stegoceratops used stunning impact, which caused my switch menu to pop up. The result was having no dinosaurs on the field on my side, and my rex having stegodeus moveset. Oh and this mess.


Yeah, it’s EXTREMELY glitchy now. I hope they fix it soon!


Last night a couple of times I tried to battle and the “waiting for opponent” screen timed out, but it wouldn’t go back to the incubator screen. I had to close and reopen the game and when I did, it opened to battles in progress and two of my dinos already killed. I lost both times.