Battle glitching?


So, I just lost 3 battles in a row because whatever move I chose with whatever dinosaur changed at the last minute to the most basic, lowest power attack

Any idea as to why?

"Pick Your Move" Except Don't Because You Can't

Hey Nerdand_proud, I’ve not heard of this issue before, but it’s possible a connection issue could have caused this. Try the steps here and see if they help: Lost a battle I was winning
If the issue persists, reach out to our support team at with your support key so they can investigate further.


Same thing happened to me. Submitted a ticket, been a day, still no response. Not having connection issues.


Similar problem. The game selected dinosaurs I didn’t and moves I didnt (Not just the lowest but also the least effective against my opponent)


I’m having the same problem, countdown timer goes to zero and as soon as I attack it changes what I selected to the basic attack. My opponent still uses a special attack. Happened 2 battles in a row. I quit so I wouldn’t fall below 3500. Not cool!


I’ve had this problem a few times, in addition to the more frequent abrupt end to the battle even as it continues (I have to restart and have lost by the time I get back in almost always). I lost 40 trophies on a glitched battle just now too.


Twice this weekend I had fights where there was no option to pick a move. Just defaulted to the base move each time.

This is a different than the issue I also experienced where the battle match counted down to zero forcing me to restart only to find a full battle had happened and I lost.

It’s not frequent but boy is it irritating.


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