Battle Glitching

About every other battle that I do it says my opponent won after only one Dino being eliminated. I have not been able to get an incubator in hours because I’m afraid to play. I will be doing just fine in the battle and when it comes time and my first Dino dies, instead of going to the ‘pick a dinosaur’ spot it goes straight to the end screen saying your opponent has won. It is very frustrating and makes me not want to play the game. I am not sure if it is a glitch or someone hacking the system but I am over it. I love this game but it is hard to get dna when I can’t win any incubators/lose all my battle trophies for no reason. I have no idea how to correct this issue but I would like some help in figuring this out. Thank you.

Hey Jenna_Rubens, I’m sorry to hear that happened but it sounds like this could be caused by a delay or error in the connection from the game. Trying some of the troubleshooting steps here should help prevent this from happening again: Lost a battle I was winning

If the issue persists after trying those steps, contact our support team at with your support key so they can investigate.

Its not a connection issue, its an issue in the game, started a week or so ago and is just ridiculous. Affecting loads of people yet all we are told is to troubleshoot our connection… no sort your damn game out its unplayable at the moment

I just did a battle and the game said my opponent won but he just killed one of my Dino. So I jumped out the game and when I returned the battle was still in progress and of course I lost at last. Is this some kind of hack or the game’s problem, cuz this is like the third or fourth time I’m having this kind of problem.

Same here, happend just 5 min ago. Was it the same guy like in my posting?

Nope, and I’ve went through this problem several times😔

That kinda happened to me but we both killed one dino each they pulled out t-rex for there 2nd dino and I got opponent wins.

This is what I seen after they pulled out t-rex

I just fought this guy, normal fight, everyone used skills within the time limit (not the normal attack when having a disconnect). I was 2:1 ahead when he puts the amagocephalus in. Firstborn he slowed but not much damage to mine, still over 2000 health. The he put his invulnerable shield up, countered the attack with something around 100 damage and then instantly I got the screen “defeat” 1:3 … is this a new kind of cheating?IMG_6153

I’ve been having this same problem for several days. Most often, my opponent and I each have one dead dinosaur, and I clobber a second of their dinos (not losing any life on my battle beast), and it suddenly says they won. I’ve lost at least three of these a day for about three days. I’ve seen the suggested steps, but there have been a number of times I’ve just restarted my phone and/or my WiFi modem/router, I don’t have other apps open… I really don’t think it’s the kind of delay y’all are saying it is. I think it’s a bug.

I just lost a battle when I got a .message opponent wins when. His/Her dino was about to bite it. I was getting ready to do the last attack when I got opponent win
If someone quits in mid battle the one that quits wins it seems. Some we had both had two dinos defeated

Just happened to me again that makes the 4th time today. Not counting the time’s before.

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Seriously ludia stop blaming connection issues all the time it’s getting old!

Why can’t you just fix the game instead of asking us to email where we will get a generic response and for that we have to wait over a week lol

Lol seriously just fix it

Funny… Ive never had this issue… I have read about it several times and people always say if they reload the game the fight is still in progress… That does actually lean towards it being your connection

They the excuse for glitches as internet connections always lol

I’m on Wi-Fi 24/7 1gb speed and I have 5g speed. So what’s next on your list o it’s my phone or tablet right?

Old thread.