Battle help needed


I’m having issues with battles, some players are able to get 2 and sometimes 3 strikes against my dinosaurs before I’m able to get one. I’ve also had a couple strike against me first although I was the faster dinosaur!

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Yes this happens to me all the time and I can not to myself figure this one out! Someone please explain this to me also! Thanks to all in advance! Happy playing JWA!!!


I want to help you, but I don’t understand what the issue is :sweat_smile: sorry

For strike, do you mean stun? If so, then manage to put in your team one or two immune dinos so that they will keep doing attacks on your opponent.

If you are not talking about stunning, please explain your battle issue.


Not stun, but actual double hits before my Dino is ready. Especially when the other is faster, but sometimes even when their speed is even.