Battle help


I don’t have a complete understanding on how the teams work in battle. I have my 8 ready to go and they are different types of dinosaurs, but how does the 4 you use in battle work? Is it random pick of your 8 each time? If you use one, can it not be used in your next battle against a new opponent?

Mostly trying to understand because I prefer sending my Raptor out first, but I’ve gone multiple matches in a row where I don’t have it on my team when it would be very helpful.

Thanks for any info and tips you all can give! :slight_smile:


as it is now the for 8 dinos you pick for your team is completely random when they give you 4 to battle with so you may get your raptor and you may not get it we are unable to pick the four we battle with as it is again Randomized.


Well that sucks. I only have three leveled up over 3 and when I get stuck with 1 lvl3, 2 lvl2, and one lvl6 I get smacked around pretty bad.


yeah when you start to lvl up and get stronger dinos you’ll have a pretty go chance of winning as I get smacked around too