Battle, how does it works?


I still dont know how the system choosing my team for battle.

Now that you can see who your opponents were you can also see their 8 dinos.

At this moment I have 3172 trophies. All my opponents are in the range of 3000-3500 trophies.
But when i look at their teams I think the system is only looking at what range you are in In my case, 3000-3500 and nothing else. I have no Legendary dinos in my team of 8. My opponent had 5!!!. So of course I lost. But this is very unfair if it is the case the system only looks at how many trophies you have and nothing else!
Tactically if this is the case and you want to win many battles, you better can go back to Island 1,2,3 with your own level 10+ team of 8 dino’s and win a lot of battles/incubators. Or am I completly wrong?


As far as I can tell you’re matched up based on number of trophies. A lot of people do drop back down to lower arenas with high level teams in order to farm the exclusive Dino for that arena.


Ok, thanks for your reply! Glad I’am not that wrong anyway:smiley: