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Battle incubaters missing

Has anyone had the problem of no incubators being near them recently. For a few days now ive had nothing. I dont pay for vip and only realy play from home but i would at least get 1 in my radius now nothing

The point of the game is to go out.


They’re pretty random on the map. The problem is that there are so many different things spawning at the same time that the strike tower you need might be overrun with something else.
On Tuesday and Saturday there are 6 different types of “events” on the map. Chests, strikes, event dinos, etc. Since it’s a random pattern, sometimes there are 5 next to each other or nothing to be found in a 2km radius.
The spawn points are created by Google, and with a random component there is very little that can be done about it.

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Ive played it for nearly a year now and it seems till the last week or so i dont even get 1 in my radius would always get a couple even if it was low level 1s at least every couple days lol. But ive def noticed a difference same with the darting

I have the same problem on & off. For a long time, if I didn’t take my phone on a walk – and use up my monthly allocation of cellular data in at most two weeks – I would have ONE supply drop in range of my house. Then it was 2, and every once in a very great while one would have a strike tower added. Then it was a glorious 4, and I finally began advancing in the game (while still occasionally blowing my monthly data allowance). Now it’s down to 2 – although one is often out of range when the GPS in the game screws up (which is at least 2x daily) – but I still get the occasional strike tower. The location of supply drops, strike towers, and (I think) sanctuaries changes periodically so stay patient… and get a data plan that lets you have more cellular data every month or kiss your wallet goodbye.

I have the same problem. Had 5 stops/incubators around my house. Came back from holiday… all gone. Not just incubators, also no more sanctuary no more dino’s, nothing. As far as the eye can see. As soon as I leave my town they are all back…