Battle incubaters


It seems battle incubators given randomly? Because I would like to see battle incubators given on how great your victory is. So if you win with with 3-0 I don’t want the 15 min incubate but the 12 or 24 h ones. And with every arena should be an extra incubater slot.

What do you think?


Nope, they have a certain order. And only decided on the times you win.
Nothings to do with how you win, or how many times you lost.

3h > 15m > 3h > 3h > 8h

And per 5 times you got 8h, it might changed.

8h > 12h > 24h > 12h > 8h

You can check the detail mechanism on metahub.


Also with this update 3 hr is common exlusive dinos guaranteed & 15 min are rare exlusive guaranteed.


You sometimes randomly get epic in 3hr too :smiley: it’s not all bad


Thanx for your replies…