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Battle incubator DNA confusion


I don’t understand why the exclusive incubator Dinos are shown yet none of the come up when it’s time to collect? I’m in Sorna but seem to consistently get the epic Dinos from SS Arcadia. Not Rexie who is the epic shown, & none of the other guys…why show if that’s not the prize? is it just me? Am I just a big stupid monkey named kronk?


Because every arena incubators (15m/3h/8h) will guarantee exclusive dinos, those could only allowed to collect by incubators or event supply.

And Stygimoloch is the "ONLY ONE ARENA EXCLUSIVE.
That means every 8h incubator will guarantee few DNA of it, not other epics.
Is this clear enough?


Ok yes thanks. I guess that’s also why I see so many allos around?