Battle incubator glitch


I watched an ad to open a battle incubator faster and when the video was over I couldn’t open the incubator. Closed and re-entered the app and lost the incubator. Happened to me twice this week. And I don’t have screenshots cause obviously it would show nothing.
Please Ludia try to fix that issue :slight_smile:


That sounds horrible…

One suggestion that I might make is to check and see if your resources might have increased–even if you weren’t able to physically tap the incubator to open it after the ad finished playing. If nothing is noticeably different, though, I hope that Ludia will look into this issue for you. It might be happening to other players, too.


I also have an issue like this. These past 3 days I had 2 incubators of level 5 that took 8 hours to load and I cannot even select them. One had even been lost. Nothing added to my collection.

Update: now the 2nd is lost as well


Before doing this you got to check your coins amount! If you think the glitch is happening again, you should check your coins amount, if you got more before opening the incubator that mean you didn’t lose you incubators !


Yet, 8 hour incubators bring along lots of dna and that hasn’t gone up!

Seriously annoying!


Hey dino hunters, if you’re having trouble with the battle Incubators, contact our support team here at with your support key and they might be able to see if the contents from the Incubator were credited to your account or not.