Battle incubator gone after restart


I won an Arena battle and received a 15 min incubator. 10 Minutes later, had a disconnect and restarted the app. The freshly won incubator is gone…
I mean it was only a 15 min one but still very annoying and hope this doesn’t happen with a 12 or 24 hour one in the future…


Hey Lavean, did you already have an Incubator timing down or did you disconnect when you were trying to open the 15 min one? If your 15 min Incubator disappeared while you were waiting on another Incubator, try force closing and restarting the game again and see if that Incubator shows up. If the issue persists, contact our team here at with your support key and they could take a closer look at your account and assist you.


Just happened again…
Started a 3h incubator roughly 3 hours ago and just logged back in to collect it. But it was gone! No Incubator running and no one ready to be opened. 2 incubator slots open when 3 hours ago only 1 was open.
This is happening to no one else?


First one, Another incubator was running at the time. I disconnected about 10 minutes after i won the 15 min incubator. Trophies stayed the same as far as I can remember.
Restarting the app didn’t help, and as described in the post below, it also happened with the next incubator i got