Battle Incubator rewards turned a 15 minute incubator into a 24 hour incubator

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Bug Description: Battle Incubator rewards turned a 15 minute incubator into a 24 hour incubator.
I had recently won a 24 hour incubator. I then won another battle. Before fully getting my prize of a 3 hour incubator, I launched the battle again. I won again and received a 15 minute incubator, that insisted it was a 24 hour incubator. It was grey but had 24 h over it, instead of 15 min. I also did not receive my 3 hour incubator. I restarted the game.
Upon relaunch, I was rewarded with another 15 minute incubator and the 3 hour incubator I missed out on before, and that grey incubator turned itself into another 24 hour incubator.

Area is was found in:Battle Arena.

How do you reproduce the bug:First time ever, would have to try to repeat.
Step 1- Win 24 hour incubator.
Step 2 -Win the next battle, and launch a new battle before getting 3 hour incubator prize.
Step 3 -Win the next battle, and win a 15 minute incubator that says 24 h above it and notice no 3 hour incubator has been received.
Step 4 -Took a screen shot restart phone.
Step 5 -Open phone and notice the grey incubator was turned into a 24 hour incubator a new 15 minute and 3 hour incubator appeared. Took a screen shot.
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I can definitely see how confusing that would have been, @Whitecat31. :dizzy_face:

Usually, closing and relaunching your game would correctly show the Incubators that you did receive. However, if you have any concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out to our support team at with your support key. Our team can take a closer look for you.