Battle incubator

Has this been seriously nerfed? For the last 3 days I have not got any epic from it and only about 150 common and 15 rare DNA.

Did I miss something?

Your luck ran dry…

Hey there, @Tiffytip, I do not believe that any changes were made to the Battle Incubator! It should still be possible to receive Epic DNA from it, but I imagine that the odds to receive it are smaller than for Common and Rare DNA.

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It used to be guaranteed epic DNA, started as stygmoloch, then after the 1.5 update it just said 18 epic DNA.

Now there is no preview of the incubator, or the epic DNA.

That’s because now you’re either getting stygimoloch or alnqa dna. They moved alanqa to arena 1.

There was no epic DNA at all. I got Alanqa the first time as the guaranteed epic - when you could preview the incubator.

I don’t know then.

Unless it was a 3 hour. Or 15 minute.

It was the battle incubator (the one for having 10 kills no matter the win/loss)

Are you vip still?

Only vips get guaranteed epic dna

Ah, that might be it. I changed from android to Apple a month ago and have not set up Apple Pay yet to sort the VIP membership.