Battle Incubators - Better DNA

Have I just been lucky over the last 2-3 days or have the 15 min, 3 hour, 8 hour and 24 hour (not had a 12) incubators been giving more useful DNA than previously? I’ve been pleasantly surprised on a number of occasions including a 24 which just given me 4108 Parasaurolophus, 308 Kentrosaurus and 64 Ouranosaurus. Perhaps I’ve just been lucky.

I’ve been getting a lot more Irritator DNA (finally levelled it to 15) as well as few more useful dinos (the exact ones escape me at present) though the epics were better, I’ve been getting Rajasaurus and Kento to name a few. Still getting a truck load of Stygi 2 but that can’t be helped. Curse you Lockdown!

Also the 12hr appears to have improved as well. I got one recently.

Interesting … hopefully we have not just both been lucky and Ludia has actually tweaked the mechanism. Much more satisfying when you get at least something useful.