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Battle incubators for battling not for winning

It’s the most frustrating experience in the game when all you want to get is a battle incubator, but you lose one battle after another. And when you finally win, you get a 15 min. incubator. Hurray!
Suggestion: Give us incubators for completing a battle no matter if it’s won or lost. Would be a real improvement in my opinion.


Alwyas hate that when that happened
It happened to me yesterday

Maybe if you get the worse incubators for losing (15 min and 3 hour) and the better incubators for winning ( 8 hour 12 hour and 24 hour)

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There’s a rotation when it comes to what incubator you receive.
It’s 3h, 3h, 8h, 3h, 15m
And occasionally the 8h one is a 12h or 24h one. There’s also a pattern to when that happens.
It’s very predictable which you get at what time, and you get the same amount of 15 min ones after every 5 battles: one.

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Coulda swore I saw this post a couple days ago.

Nobody need a 15 minutes Inkubator :sweat_smile:

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I have done nothing but lose today. I say make it so if you lose 3 in a row you automatically get an incubator. Or make it like the DBI meter and kill a certain amount of dinos to get your next incubator