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Battle incubators need to be revamped


I would like to see a mid level battle incubator it goes from low levels 1-6 then 6-12 and then 3 level 30s so the grey,blue and scents are like shooting fish in a barrel and instant death in the golds lol …


I mean, there are 15 min, 3 hour, 8 hour, 12 hour, and 24 hour incubators.
I dont really think there should be a revamp.

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What would be better would be a rework on the dna In the incubators.

I don’t need anymore stygi dna or alanqa


I think original post means strike towers.


Please remember there are still low level and new players coming into this game. Helping a gf’s family with playing where they are still lower levels the silver strike events can be lost with careless playing and the blue strike events can sometimes be beaten by them with strategy but just like a mid level player on a gold strike even a well planned strategy can still result in a loss.


Ok I should have said canisters obviously we don’t have scent incubators are you messing with me pointing out the mistake in wording would have been better than playing the obtuse card


Wait what?!
I’m not messing with you.
There are scent incubators in scent strikes.
You need to calm down.


I’m absolutely calm why would you think I wasn’t


I know this thread is about something else, but i do think battle incs should be revamped. Just a little bit though. I’m fine with what the incs pay out, but i think it would encourage more battling if we got a battle inc for defeating 10 dinos, and then have it reset and get another for defeating 15 dinos, then 20, etc. You’d have to do a lot of battles to keep getting them, so its not like it could be abused.


I thought you meant battle incubators.
I misheard, just miscommunication.