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Battle incubators not going to arena dino's


I finally got a rare incubator through the battles. All 2606 common DNA went to a iguanadon and a lythronax. Why? Neither of those dino’s are any of the dino’s for the different arenas I’ve gotten to. I don’t need or want those dino’s DNA. It’s very frustrating with all the work I put in, especially since I’m not rich and don’t purchase things in this game. Would have been nice if at least some of the DNA went to a common dinosaur with a hybrid possibility. I don’t get it.


The rare and epic incubators are identical to the ones you can buy in the store. They can have any DNA in them even dinosaurs that don’t spawn in the wild. That said in my last 5 rare incubators and 3 epic incubators I got from arenas I have gotten extremely minimal useful DNA.


wait until you get a 24-hour battle arena incubator. then you are in for a REAL dissapointment


Yea, I have got epic and rare incubators before in my old game but may have just gotten lucky with some of the DNA I got then. (Lost the old game on my old phone cause it swam in saltwater and I was signed in as a guest… I’m an idiot) It would just make sense to me to be getting DNA from the arena I’m currently in. Regardless if its a rare or epic incubator or a 15min, 3hour or 8hour. What’s the point of even staying in the Arenas I need the DNA from.


The higher the arena the slightly higher the DNA amount. If it wasn’t for gallimimus I would probably be back at badlands trying to get irritator DNA.