Battle incubators - testing DNA rewards


So here I am, posting my last 3 incubators winnings to compare them with yours and test if you get exactly the dna of those specific dinos shown in the arena’s reward:

ARENA 6 rewards:

  • Stygimoloch gen 2
  • Tanycolagreo
  • Gorgosauro
  • Ouranosauro

1st incubator
169 dna of Stygimoloch gen 2
18 dna of Nodosauro

2nd incubator
170 dna of Stygimoloch gen 2
17 dna of Triceratopo

3rd incubator
68 dna of Stygimoloch gen 2
7 dna of Utahraptor


New testings (and an “up” to my thread :blush: )

I don’t remember if I forget to write down some incubators opening, but these are the others of yesterday:

Other incubator:
442 dna of Tanicolagreo
45 dna of Proceratosauro
13 dna of Rajasauro

Other incubator:
169 dna of Velociraptor
18 dna of Nodosauro

Other incubator:
169 dna of Tanicolagreo
18 dna of Proceratosauro

Other incubator:
394 dna of Stygimoloch gen 2
46 dna of Purrusauro
60 dna of Kentrosauro

Other incubator:
67 dna of Stygimoloch gen 2
8 dna of Gorgosauro

Other incubator:
441 dna of Tanicolagreo
46 dna of Triceratopo
13 dna of Kentrosauro

My two cents:

So far, I received:
from lev 1 arena, Proceratosauro, Velociraptor
from lev 2 arena:
from lev 3 arena: Utharaptor, Kentrosauro
from lev 4 arena: Triceratopo, Rajasauro, Purrusauro
from lev 5 arena: Nodosauro
from lev 6 arena: Stygimoloch gen 2, Tanicolagreo, Gorgosauro

Nothing for level two, just a coincidence, I think, you will be rewarded with random dna for all the arena you unlocked. Waiting to have some testing results on the people who dropped down from arena 7 to arena 1 to catch T-rex dna, there are only dna of level 1 in your incubators?

Then I saw that incubators has constant total dna (500 per 8 hours incubators, 187 per 3 hours incubators, 75 per 15 minutes incubators). This for me, level 9 fighting in arena 6, I am curious to know yours.
This was not my goal when I starting that test but, well you know, testing results could be unexpected! :sweat_smile:


I‘m Level 8, Arena 6.
Today (8h - incubator)
420 Apato
70 Irritator
10 T Rex :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


My observation from Sorna Marshes (Arena 7) is that while it says Pyroraptor is a specific epic dino to this arena, I get it less than 10-15% of the time. Hands down the most often ones I get are Kentrosaurus.

Even if that second part is just bias/bad rng I am quite certain the % for the Pyroraptor is not noticeably higher even though it is supposedly special for this arena.


For me the “exclusive dinosaur” thing works. These are my test results so far

I randomly receive 20 epic dna of Monolofosauro dna also in a 3 hours incubator. There is a kind of pattern but then also exceptions occurred, like me today I was supposed to get another 12 hours incubators but luck wasn’t here today… another 8h incub instead… :sweat_smile:

Keep on being curious on how is doing for other players! Can’t wait your comments on this.

What DNA do you keep getting in incubators?

Nice spreadsheet!

I have opened 100s of incubators on lvl7. I don’t have the sheet to prove it but I am damn certain either the explanation is misleading or something is wrong with how this is coded.

At lvl7 i get all of the epics from other arenas that you have displayed - Basically I have received: Kentro, T-Rex, Monolophosaurus, Ouranosaurus, Pyroraptor, Stygimoloch, Rajasaurus, Ankylosaurus and I believe thats it for me.

Maybe the logic is such that the higher level arena incubators have % chance to give any of the previous ones, including the new dedicated one - which is lame.


Yes you gain randomly the DNA of all the dino you unlocked with arena so far. This is the reason why now people is dropping down arena, to have more chance to receive the dna they want. So most of the people go down in arena 1 to have more chances to have T-rex dna because fighting in arena 1, the incubators will give you randomly just 5 dinos dna, not 25 dinos.

What DNA do you keep getting in incubators?

I just opened my first 12h incubators since when I started to note down my rewards and I am puzzled by the rewards I gained:

Neither Tuojangosauro or Anchilosauro gen 2 or Litronace are supposed to be my rewards :scream: Someone experienced this and can please explain to me what is going on?