Battle is just cancer now

I don’t understand. How the hell is the fact that my opponent are higher leveled ( at times). My opponent gets the most crits and luck charms that my dinos can’t crit or stun (How the heck does my Paramoloch not strike a stun with its two greater stun moves while my opponent does?). When my dinos do crit, my opponents dinos either has low health or it comes from a minimal attack. I know I’ve posted about this battle bias but damn I’m just sick of it. Feels worse when you’re improving your dinos but then bias reality hits.

It’s actually less bias and more a matter of trophy count. The game attempts to match you with players that are a certain + or - of your current trophy count.

What it doesn’t do however, is make sure that their team is levelled appropriately for the arena they’re in.

Dropping arenas is pretty common, however - consideration of other players, sadly isn’t.

When dropping, swap your teams out to a level appropriate for your target arena, or the one you’re currently in.

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Disclaimer: This is not to be a defense of those who intentionally drop arenas if its something you personally don’t feel is appropriate either overall, or without switching to an “appropriate” team for the arena one drops to.

But isn’t the whole point of dropping arenas is to either:

a) grind out easier arena wins for the incubators, or
b) try to obtain specific DNA out of incubators?

Either way, for either one of those goals, esp if you’re someone who doesn’t have much time to play/battle, isn’t swapping teams out counterproductive to dropping arenas in the first place?

There’s arguments to be made on both sides, and with an ELO system like the game uses, there will likely never be a consensus to what okay or appropriate for everyone.